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Our reservations team at PERCH LA is a group of knowledgeable, professional, and courteous operators that handle multiple phone lines while remaining composed and polite to our guests. Reservationists have personality and smiles in their tone of voice and are happy to retrieve any and all information for our guests. They are fully educated in all aspects of our operation and can easily go into depth when answering inquiries from our guests. Reservationists use OpenTable to set up floor plans for guests and stay in direct communication with all operating staff members to ensure smooth transitions and optimal wait times. Our reservations team is happy to go above and beyond for our guests to ensure a fantastic experience from start to finish. 


Reservationist work off of OpenTable and must have knowledge of the operating system. They answer all calls in a timely manner, return calls as soon as possible and answer all emails from our guests. The reservations team is usually the first interaction our guest has with anyone on our team so it is imperative that they be professional and kind at all times to make sure the guest is immediately comfortable and taken care of. Apart from taking reservations and answering phone calls, reservationists often create and print our restaurant menus, prix fixe menus, and special event menus. As we all are at PERCH LA, reservationist are happy and willing to do whatever it takes for the greater good of the company.



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